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to the Future of Shared Listening

Create a Unique Music Experience with Any Group

The Vibez Home screen makes it easy to jump in & start collaborating instantly
Cast your votes & watch the party take on life as songs reorder to match the Vibe!

Influence the music wherever you go!

Car Clap
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Rooftop Party
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What is
Vibez Music?

Vibez Music is a mobile app that uses live playlists to let all your friends add songs to the queue, vote on what they want to hear, and see what's up next.

Whether you're in the car with friends and everyone is fighting over the aux, or you're at home and want your friends to recommend new songs, Vibez will captivate your audience and transform your listening experience.

Vibez requires a premium Spotify subscription for hosts, but guests can join in on the fun for FREE

How It Works

How It Works


Hosts maintain as much control as they'd like

A Host Starts the Vibe

Choose between our Vibe Modez to create the perfect playlist for your event


Easily join a Vibe with a code or by seeing what's nearby!

Invite Others to Join

Use your location to see nearby Vibez or join through the Vibe Code


Cast your votes & watch the party take on life as songs reorder to match the Vibe!

Create Your Perfect Vibe

Add songs you want to hear and up-vote or down-vote what others have added

Vibez Modez

Share the Vibe with those you trust with Full Control

Full Control

With friends you trust? This setting puts full control of the Vibe into your friends' hands and gives them complete control of pausing/playing, adding/removing upcoming songs, editing the order of the queue, as well as many more features.

Voting-Based is best for medium-large groups


At a large gathering or party? Voting Based promotes a democracy where songs with more votes get played sooner. Downvoting a song will move it down the list. This setting puts the Vibe in everyone's hands.

Turn Based

Looking to combine everyone's style without any arguments? Turn Based will take turns playing everyone's songs in the order that they join. Guests can only edit the upcoming songs which they recommended.

Approval Mode lets hosts keep a filter on the music while still collaborating

Approval Mode

Want to maintain a certain sound for your event or have ultimate control over the queue? Approval Mode let's you see recommendations and insert them into the playlist at your will.

Create your first Vibe today!

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