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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Vibez Music provides a revolutionary service to all those who love to listen to music together

Our Story

The idea for Vibez was conceptualized early 2020 with the idea  to create an application where people can recommend songs from their own devices to create a shared playlist in real time. Not only will it improve this process, but it would also eliminate anxiety from one person deciding the music for a large social group.

Vibez team developed the skills to pivot and adapt to sudden changes in the entrepreneurial environment. The team understands these concepts well and is ready to make difficult yet successful decisions when required. 

Meet The Team


Rehan Chaudhery

Founder & CTO


Jordan Holsey

Founder & COO


Trey Winn

Founder & CMO



Teryell Simmons

Founder & social media/artist management


Cresta Campbell

Founder & CEO

CD HDDDD_edited.png

Chitanya Dhanireddy

Founder & Communications Lead


Kai Millner

Founder & CFO

Our Partners

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