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Vibez Features for Business
(Coming Soon)

Welcome to the modern-day jukebox

Vibez Benefits to your business

  • Increased user engagement through a never-before-seen interactive experience
  • Enhanced branding through a more customizable and dynamic source of music
  • Actionable Insights through knowledge about your customers listening preferences

What you get for $50 / month

  • Approval Mode access
  • Customizable features such as like & addition limits
  • Customized data reports
  • Licensing through the proper PRO's
  • Verified Vibez locations to match your business footprint

& much more

Vibez Pilot Program for Business

Click the link below to express interest in the upcoming Vibez Pilot Program!

Through this program, your business will be able to participate in a pilot program with Vibez Music where you will test new and custom features on a rolling basis.

Vibez is offering this pilot program for a reduced rate of $25/month!

The duration of this pilot is expected to be June - September 2023, although this is subject to change.

Submit a response about your business today and Vibez will be in contact about working together! Please allow 3-4 business days for a response. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Sign up here!

Contact us for questions at

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