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Proximity Based

Vibez Music constantly scans nearby and lets you join any Vibe with one click. No need for any extra steps. Once you start a Vibe, nearby friends can join without requiring you to do any work.

Only One Premium Account Required

Vibez Music is built for Spotify Premium. Only the host needs premium, while all guests can join and interact without needing a Spotify account at all. This makes it easy for any group to be able to use Vibez Music as long as one person has Spotify Premium.

Control Settings

Full Control

With friends you trust? This setting puts full control of the Vibe into your friends' hands and gives them complete control of pausing/playing, adding/removing upcoming songs, editing the order of the queue, as well as many more features.



Turn Based

This setting is optimal when you want your friends to control the Vibe but don't want any arguments.Turn Based will take turns playing everyone's songs in the order that they join. Guests can only edit the upcoming songs which they recommended.

Voting Based

Voting Based is best used at large gatherings. It promotes a democracy where songs with more votes get played sooner. Downvoting a song will move it down the list. This setting puts the Vibe in everyone's hands.



Approval Mode

Want to maintain a certain sound for your event or have ultimate control over the queue? Approval Mode let's you see recommendations and insert them into the playlist at your will.

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